tween diamond stud earrings
tween colored gemstone stud earrings

For Mom's, Sister's, especially TWEENS!!
Fascinating Diamond Cut Gold surrounding a natural diamond!!

7.50mm 14K White Gold
Custom Faceted DIAMINT®
Diamond Stud Earrings
Style Tween
W/ 2 X 0.12Ct.
H SI1 Diamonds.....$450.00

Diamond Stud Earrings may be essential, but DIAMINT® takes them to a new level.
Other small stud earrings that have a total carat wt. of 0.24Ct. are approximately 3.1mm in diameter for each diamond or 0.12Ct. each.
The exciting advantage of our Diamond Stud Earrings, in this size, is that the diamond looks larger, because of our Custom Diamond Cut DIAMINT® setting!!
These 7.50mm custom faceted settings contain a 3.1mm diameter,0.12Ct. diamond each!!

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